Attract Qualified Job Candidates with Virtual Interview Days

Many employers continue to struggle to attract and hire qualified candidates.
There are many different issues at play, but one thing is certain; a bad hire can cost a company an average of 240,000! – based on a study by Link Humans that was shared by
The astronomical costs are a result of many different factors. Here is what the SHRM report cited:
Calculating the Cost of a Bad Hire
The cost of recruiting, hiring, and onboarding a new employee can be as much as $240,000, according to Jörgen Sundberg, CEO of Link Humans, an employer branding agency in London. There are extra costs incurred when that person turns out to be a poor fit, not the least of which may involve finding a replacement. Brandon Hall Group, a human capital research, and analyst firm based in Delray Beach, Fla., identified several variables that go into calculating the cost to replace a bad hire. They include:
  • Recruitment advertising fees and staff time.
  • Relocation and training fees for replacement hires.
  • The negative impact on team performance.
  • The disruption to incomplete projects.
  • Lost customers.
  • Outplacement services.
  • Weakened employer brand.
  • Litigation fees.
While this number may surprise you if you own a company or are responsible for hiring, you know that any bad hire is a drain on your budget and often can have consequences on morale for the entire organization.
To compound the problem, a tight labor market often forces recruiters to make hasty hiring decisions. A warm seat is better than an empty seat is the mentality, and you hope to be able to train up the new hire into a good fit.
Another study by CareerBuilder points out that hiring managers can be so desperate to hire, they overlook glaring issues and offer the job anyway. It’s not always the candidate’s fault or the candidate trying to cheat on the application; it is often a poorly trained recruiter not asking all the right questions in a rush.
So, how do hiring managers attract more qualified candidates?


Expanding the talent pool leads to more resumes and the likelihood of interviewing more qualified candidates. When you have a larger selection, there’s a much better chance that you will find the best candidate for the position.
The traditional route of posting an opening on job boards and in-person job fairs seems to deliver the same job seekers. Companies finding success have begun to incorporate virtual hiring events and have introduced “Virtual Interview Days”, to the hiring strategy.

These virtual interview days have been a game-changer. They have revealed the pent-up frustration of qualified job candidates that apply for jobs and never hear back from the employer. All of them agree it’s better to get a ‘no’ than a no-answer. This frustration has reduced the number of job-seekers willing to send applications to job openings they believe they’ll never hear back. Instead, they seek the more secure referral or networking route, where they know they’ll be heard and will also hear back.

That’s precisely why Virtual Interview Days are so powerful. Candidates that apply realize they will at least get an opportunity to chat with the recruiter. On the Premier Virtual hiring event platform, If that chat goes well, the recruiter can invite the candidate into a video interview. This pre-screening process gives the recruiter an excellent opportunity to see if the candidate is a good match and if a formal interview needs to be scheduled. Of course, if the fit is right, the recruiter can make a job offer on the spot so that the candidate does not go back into the search and potentially lose the candidate to another job offer.
Dana Morrison, the Teacher Recruitment Manager at the East Baton Rouge Parish School System, has experienced virtual interview days’ most significant success. After just one week, they made five new hires and are very happy with the people they are attracting. The strategy has proven so successful; they are running a virtual interview day every Tuesday in October from 1 pm-3 pm. Candidates can now plan around those days and times, get their profiles ready, and recruiters can meet them virtually.


Premier Virtual, a future-focused hiring event platform, recognized this potential and offers this ‘virtual hiring room’ as a stand-alone option for innovative companies that prefer this option to career fairs or hiring events. By incorporating the link of a Virtual Interview Day to your job posting, not only do you receive the resumes of interested candidates, you get to chat with them and see them during the virtual interview day. Plus, the virtual hiring room is open 24/7, so candidates can stop in anytime, learn more about the company, and submit their resumes anytime for the recruiter to follow up.


It’s what Premier virtual has said all along, ‘Hiring Happens Here’.


If you are interested in learning more about your own 24/7 virtual hiring room or how you can host a virtual interview day, please schedule a free demo at


#16 in Top 100 Companies to Work for in Florida!

Premier Virtual has been selected as a Top 100 Companies to Work for in Florida by Florida Trend magazine.

It’s a humbling honor for us that we truly appreciate.  From day one, our company has made it clear that positive workplace culture is what makes us who we are, and the reason our clients ultimately chooses us.

We know that an empowered and engaged team results in superior innovation and unparalleled customer support.  In nearly every customer review, there is a mention of how easy our platform is to use, and how excellent our customer support team is.

Workplace Culture

As an executive team, we work hard to achieve this.  We built a workout gym in our conference room and put in a brand new shower for our employees to be able to exercise at no cost.  We barbecue throughout the week and eat lunch together.  We keep the office clean and motivating with positive signs and decals.  We get together as often as possible and present awards to recognize superior efforts.  It has all come together in this award, and we’re just getting started!

Workplace culture at Premier Virtual is the number one priority.  We make every effort to put our team members first.  By this, we find out what their personal needs are and how we can support them.  As a small company, positive personal relationships are vital to the success of the entire company.

Whenever possible we host online events, and off-site events as well so we can come together and share our personal stories.  There is no denying that a team that cares about its people will also care about its work.  We see very little turnover and we also see team members excelling and getting promoted.

Promoting from Within

Our team members have the ability to work with team members in other departments to see if they enjoy the work, and find a better fit.  We’ve had members move from sales to customer service and from sales to marketing.

We’ve also seen interns move from their internships to full time employment and part time members move to full time employment.  We love seeing our team grow professionally and personally as well

Here is the link to the article.

Environmental Benefits of Virtual Job Fairs

A recent article in Fast Company detailed a very startling business travel fact.  Salesforce employees traveled so much for work in 2019 that they generated 146,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions!  That’s the same amount emitted by 17,500 homes over the course of an entire year.

As with many areas of business, Covid changed all that and Salesforce’s business travel dropped by 86% to just 20,000 metric tons.  The good news is the slowdown did not negatively impact their productivity because of their ability to quickly pivot to virtual.  The circumstances forced them to consider a new way to meet, and the results proved it was more efficient and effective.

The question is as Covid restrictions ease, will companies go back to full-time business travel, or will there be some kind of hybrid strategy?

Environmental Benefits of Virtual Job Fairs

Many companies are asking themselves the same questions, after discovering that virtual not only improved productivity and reduced costs but also reduced emissions.  The proverbial win/win/win, so what’s next?

Virtual job fairs and hiring remotely have exploded in popularity during 2020.  The benefits of not having to travel to job fairs, or HR summits have resulted in much higher productivity rates, more efficiency and has reduced costs as well as reduced the time to hire from an average of over 30 days to just over 7 days.

Reduced emission was a benefit that most companies did not consider, but is now clearly another powerful reason to cut down on business travel.

Expert Holly Lichtenfeld of Sustainabase helps companies fully understand, monitor, and reduce their carbon footprint and shares that the SustainaBase software has revealed 65% plus reductions in 2020 business travel emissions among some of their customers.

Holly advises that putting intentional travel and event policies in place will help to avoid the projected rebound and even anticipated increase in costs and emissions related to business travel. She also points out it’s key to have a system in place to continuously manage and track the emissions related to travel.  “We automate data from travel booking systems and other sources to make this easy and even provide insights into things like a car versus air travel.”

SustainaBase is seeing a strong and growing trend in companies getting pressure from investors, stakeholders, and key customers to reduce their carbon emissions.  “The decline in business travel emissions has given companies a great head start. This is an opportunity to continue to gain ground, have a positive impact, and have good news to share instead of taking steps backward.”

It’s all part of a holistic approach to reducing emissions.  Employee commute is another sector that benefits from the connection between virtual work and a lower carbon footprint. Upwork’s “Future of Workforce Pulse Report” revealed that by 2025, 36.2 million Americans will be working remotely, which will be an 87% increase from pre-pandemic levels.  This means millions and millions of us are incredibly comfortable with the virtual format and continue to be engaged while creating benefits for our employers, potential employers, and our communities.

We see this as an unintended benefit of hosting virtual career fairs and events, that can make a significantly positive impact on the environment.  As part of a conscientious plan to reduce emissions, adding virtual to events, to training and onboarding, and any other place where your company or organization previously conducted only in-person, can now be virtual, or at the very least hybrid.

The hybrid model allows those who want to attend in-person that opportunity but keeps the virtual doors open making it accessible online, and giving more people access than hosting in-person only events.  Knowing that each virtual attendee and remote worker reduces carbon emissions is the icing on the cake!

For more information on Sustainabase contact Holly Lichtenfeld, Chief Growth & Strategic Alliances Officer / / LinkedIn


The Lessons We’ve Learned from Virtual Career Fairs

After powering nearly 2,000 virtual career fairs, we’ve learned a lot of valuable lessons, and we’re ready to share them with you.

In this webinar, Premier Virtual CEO, Steve Edwards will be joined by a group of existing customers, that have hosted their own virtual hiring events. The purpose of this webinar is to learn first-hand the most difficult challenges transitioning from in-person to virtual, the pros and the cons, and what the career fair landscape looks like moving forward.

One thing is certain, virtual career fairs have changed staffing and recruiting forever, and those who have experienced them believe they are here to stay. If you’ve been debating whether or not to go virtual, or you’ve attended virtual events and are now ready to host your own, this is a great place to start. We also look forward to the input from attendees who have their own lessons to share.

The webinar will be a round table Q&A forum and will be followed by a short demo of the Premier Virtual platform. We look forward to seeing you there! The webinar starts at 2 PM EST.

Confirmed Panelists:

Morgan Romeo – Executive Director at Virginia Career Works – Blue Ridge

Lawrence “Larry” Miller-Director for Warrior Games Operations & Logistics. United States Veterans Chamber of Commerce

Dana Morrison – Teacher Recruitment Manager at EBRPSS. Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States

Sharon G. Nelson, MBA- Talent Acquisition Manager – Human Resources

Michael Corbit – Vice President, Business Development -CareerSource Florida/Palm Beach County.

Jill St. Thomas-Executive Director – Tampa Bay Tech

Click here to register for free!


What are the Best Virtual Hiring Event Platforms?

When it comes to selecting the best possible virtual hiring platform for your organization, three companies continue to rise to the top; Brazen, V-Fairs, and Premier Virtual.

While Brazen and VFairs have been in the virtual space a long time, Premier Virtual has quickly emerged as one of the top virtual hiring event platform options on the market.


In just over 1-year Premier Virtual has powered nearly 1,000 virtual hiring events, where over 10,000 employers have filled positions from among 100,000+ registered job applicants!

One particular segment of the hiring industry that has embraced the Premier Virtual platform is the Workforce Solutions sector. Across America, nearly 1 in 3 workforce boards have hired Premier Virtual to be their exclusive platform provider. In fact, Premier Virtual is the primary statewide provider for the workforce boards in Tennessee, Virginia, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, and Florida.

How Does Premier Virtual Compare?

  • Innovations – offering the most advanced features, and preparing to release all-new upgrades and additional features, scheduled for March.
  • Ease of use – the launch of a new ‘Set-up Wizard’ will make creating and launching events easier than ever before.
  • Customization – the ability to host virtually any type of event.
  • Affordable – Best-in-class experience for employers and job seekers at the best price point in the market!
  • Communications – Text and 1-on-1 integrated video chat!!
These benefits combined with the state-of-the-art technology combined with the superior customer service, has made Premier Virtual the clear choice when hosting a virtual hiring event.  Already, Premier has powered thousands of events, more than they did in 9 years of hosting in person events.  It was that experience and that knowledge that Premier Virtual took, and poured into their virtual platform to make hiring events as efficient and productive as possible.

If your organization is looking for a virtual hiring event platform option, please feel free to schedule a free demo by clicking on this link, or visit

Powering virtual hiring events for CareerSource Florida

The demand for Premier Virtual’s platform has grown exponentially, resulting in virtual hiring events across a wide spectrum of industries. In June, CareerSource Florida, the Governor’s business-led workforce policy board for the state of Florida, partnered with Premier Virtual to provide the platform to power virtual hiring events with local workforce development boards statewide.

To learn more about the virtual hiring events offered by Premier Virtual, please visit

Premier Virtual hosted previous virtual hiring events with the CareerSource Palm Beach County office, which Vice-President Michael Corbit said were very successful. “Being based in South Florida, we felt it was important to work with a local provider. Premier Virtual turned out to be such an effective platform, that I was pleased to support as a potential statewide solution,” Corbit said. “With a statewide unemployment rate approaching 14 percent in April, we knew economic recovery would take a massive effort, and collaboration was going to be the key to successfully get Floridians back to work. Premier Virtual is an important partner in that process,” Corbit added.

Premier Virtual, a South Florida start-up, has quickly grown in the ranks of the virtual event platform

providers. CEO and Army Veteran Steve Edwards worked for nearly nine years in the recruitment industry, putting on many in-person events himself.

“After so many in-person events, I continued to see the effectiveness declining and knew there had to be

a better way. At the time, no one else in the industry believed virtual was the answer,” said Edwards.

Unable to find a virtual hiring platform that met Steve’s expectations as a recruiter, he set out to build Premier Virtual. In only a couple of years, Premier Virtual has become one of the leaders in the virtual hiring event platform space.

[/fusion_text][fusion_text columns=”” column_min_width=”” column_spacing=”” rule_style=”default” rule_size=”” rule_color=”” content_alignment_medium=”” content_alignment_small=”” content_alignment=”” hide_on_mobile=”small-visibility,medium-visibility,large-visibility” sticky_display=”normal,sticky” class=”” id=”” font_size=”” fusion_font_family_text_font=”” fusion_font_variant_text_font=”” line_height=”” letter_spacing=”” text_color=”” animation_type=”” animation_direction=”left” animation_speed=”0.3″ animation_offset=””]

The rise of virtual career fairs was fueled in large part by the COVID-19 pandemic, but the success

of the platform demonstrates it is here to stay. In just the past several months, Premier Virtual has:

• Licensed to clients that have hosted over 400

virtual hiring events across the U.S.

 Attracted more than 4,000 employers with a strong demand for qualified talent.

 Attracted over 75,000 registered candidates, and filling

thousands of job vacancies.

“Providing a virtual career fair platform statewide eliminates geographical barriers and expands

access for both career seekers and employers,” said CareerSource Florida Board of Directors Chairman Kevin Doyle. “The investment by our board enables all our

partners to harness this new technology to create a modern, safe way to help businesses connect with Floridians seeking new jobs while supporting economic recovery. We also are delighted to work with this veteran-led Florida business in opening doors for recruitment and hiring.”.

The Premier Virtual platform replicates in-person events and provides recruiters and candidates with an immersive experience. From customizable lobbies and booths, to live chat and video interviews, the entire look and feel ensures job candidates will enjoy all the benefits of an in-person career fair.

Recruiters find this method much more efficient and effective. Logging into their own dashboard, recruiters can quickly review resumes, initiate or respond to chats and begin

live video interviews with qualified candidates. Post-event reports make follow-up easy, resulting in more qualified new hires after each event.

Job- seekers are equally impressed, being able to logon from anywhere and participate without the requirement of travel, reducing time and expenses, and most importantly meeting

with recruiters and walking away with a new job.

Premier Virtual continues to update its software and is poised to become the number No. 1 virtual hiring event platform in its industry. ‘Our tagline is ‘the first virtual hiring event platform created by recruiters, for recruiters’, and we’re very proud of that,” said Edwards.

“To date, we’ve focused only on virtual hiring events, which makes us different than a lot of virtual event companies out there. Our goal is to make Premier Virtual the most efficient and effective tool for hiring managers to find and hire the best possible job applicant for their position.

We’re really happy with the results thus far, and being such an integral part of getting America back to work.,” Edwards added.


Here We Grow Again!

Although launched in late 2018, start-up Premier Virtual has really taken off in the past several months.

As the demand for top-quality virtual event software continues to increase, Premier Virtual has expanded it’s team, and launched a new version of their chat feature. The future looks

bright, and the team is ready for what lies ahead!

Pictured from Left to Right: Drew Ummel, Jordan Ambers, Glen Bressalmo (in laptop), Gary Chambers, Lena Hendricks, Steve Edwards, Summer Myers, Jamie Varraso (in laptop), Jason Einbinder & John Garcia.

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