How Is A True Virtual Job Fair Supposed To Work?

Our virtual event platform is meant to look and feel like a real live in-person event, without the hassle or cost of a live event. Set up your event in minutes and allow our registration wizard to walk every organization and attendee step by step to create their booth and profile.


When you choose PV, your dedicated Client Success Manager will walk you through onboarding and event setup. They will help you build your event for effective results, and will be there every step of the way to ensure your event is as successful as possible.


Customize your unique Registration Landing Page with your branding and information about the event. Our easy event set up wizard for Organizations and Job seekers guides all users through registration and profile creation.

As a host, you can add questions to the registration process which qualifies your job-seekers. Resume and video resume features allow even further qualification so that recruiters are not wasting time with the wrong candidates.

We allow you to track registration daily to monitor your projected turnout and marketing effectiveness.


Attendees log in on event day and experience our virtual simulation of a live event. Our reminder emails will ensure you have the best turnout possible.

They can enter the lobby and browse by categories that the host chooses. As they enter each organization’s virtual Booth, the attendee can view organization information, custom links, social media, job postings, and even apply!

All actions are tracked and updated in real-time in each Employer Booth and on your Host Event Dashboard, including attendees/organizations logged in, booth visits, chats, and resumes submitted


Analytics is EVERYTHING! Not only does Premier Virtual provide live statistics during the event, but we offer extensive downloadable reports with every bit of information you want to know from your event!

Your Client Success Manager will schedule a debrief after your event to run through your reports and any other questions you may have. Together you can determine the success and effectiveness of your event!

Simulates in-person experience

No travel or related expenses

No social distancing concerns

Increases productivity


Unlimited job candidate pool

Significantly reduces event costs

Increases productivity


Hiring happens here.

We are excited about the opportunity to work together and provide you with an efficient and effective solution for your virtual hiring event needs.

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