Hybrid Events

As a company that hosted in-person recruiting events for 10 years then built a software to simulate those events online, we like to call ourselves experts on combining both into a hybrid event. Our Hybrid QR codes can be displayed at event entrance and each booth at your in-person events. This will allow your live events to be tracked just like your virtual events!


A hybrid event combines the ability to register and attend a live in-person event with also the option to attend online. This is a great tool to allow flexibility for anyone that prefers not to attend in-person or that cannot attend the live event.

Each organization can determine whether they would like to participate online, in-person, or both. As a host, this is a great way to offer flexibility to your organizations, or if you monetize your event it is a great way to upsell features.


The strategy for a hybrid event is up to you! You can decide to run both events simultaneously, or choose to have your in-person event and virtual event take place at different times. Either way, offering both options gives your attendees and organizations a choice of how they would like to attend.


Use our registration page as a dual event registration page. This allows you to use technology and analytics to track your attendees and organizations that have registered.. whether they attend in-person, virtually, or even if they are not able to attend either option. Our easy event setup allows you to add questions to the registration process which qualifies your job-seekers. Resume and video resume features allow even further qualification so that recruiters are not wasting time with the wrong candidates. 


Analytics is EVERYTHING! Not only does Premier Virtual provide live statistics during the event, but we offer extensive downloadable reports with every bit of information you want to know from your event! Your Client Success Manager will schedule a debrief for your event to run through your reports and any other questions you may have. Together you can determine the success of the event and if any improvements can be made for the future!