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Turn your In-Person and Virtual Job Fairs into Hybrid Events! Our Hybrid QR codes can be displayed at event entrance and each booth at your in-person events. Get that In-Person experience, but the analytics like virtual events.. The best of both worlds!

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A hybrid event combines the ability to register and attend a live in-person event with also the option to attend online. This is a great tool to allow flexibility for anyone that prefers not to attend in-person or that cannot attend the live event.

Each organization can determine whether they would like to participate online, in-person, or both. As a host, this is a great way to offer flexibility to your organizations, or if you monetize your event it is a great way to upsell features.


The strategy for a hybrid event is up to you! 

Some prefer to hold the In-Person and Virtual events on different days. This allows candidates that can attend In-Person the option to meet employers face to face. Offering the Virtual option another day or time, then allows those that could not attend the in-person to attend online. 

If holding both In-Person and Virtual events simultaneously, we recommend each employer have separate recruiters available for both In-Person and Virtual sides. This way if one recruiter is busy meeting with a candidate at the live event, then virtual attendees won’t be left waiting.

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Use our registration page as a dual event registration page. This allows you to use technology and analytics to track your attendees and organizations that have registered.. whether they attend in-person, virtually, or even if they are not able to attend either option.

 Our easy event setup allows you to add questions to the registration process which qualifies your job-seekers. Resume and video resume features allow even further qualification so that recruiters are not wasting time with the wrong candidates. 


QR Codes, QR Codes, QR Codes! 

It’s 2022 and we are utilizing these more and more everyday. We have built in a QR Code generator for Events and every Booth. Place your Event QR Code at the entrance and Booth QR Codes at each booth. 

The moment an attendee scans your entrance QR code, they have virtually entered your event and are being tracked. As they walk around your event and scan the booth QR codes, they have virtually entered each booth. 

Now employers will see them as a booth visitor and has access to all user registration data within their Premier Virtual portal. Candidates will see every booth they visited in their “My Journey”. This allows both parties a much easier follow up ability. 

The best part… As a Host, you can see it all!

Premier Virtual Hybrid Events QR Code
BAB Career Exploration Event


Analytics is EVERYTHING! Not only does Premier Virtual provide live statistics during the event, but we offer extensive downloadable reports with every bit of information you want to know from your event! Your Client Success Manager will schedule a debrief for your event to run through your reports and any other questions you may have. Together you can determine the success of the event and if any improvements can be made for the future!

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