Healthcare recruiters face increasing pressure to hire faster. Not only to meet urgent quotas but because time-to-hire is significantly affecting recruitment fall-off.

Major bottlenecks in the healthcare hiring process include reviewing resumes too slowly, moving candidates through hiring stages too slowly, and lengthy interviews.

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With the diverse job types needed within the healthcare industry, virtual and hybrid events can be highly effective recruiting tools. Fast-track candidates progress through the recruiting process with ability to review their experience, resumes, and video interview all within one event. Our video resume feature allows you to use stock interview questions or create your own for candidates to answer for better evaluation.


Combine the ability to register and attend a live in-person event with the option to attend online. This is a great tool to allow flexibility for anyone that prefers not to attend in-person or that cannot attend the live event. Use your dedicated event landing page to register for both in-person and virtually. This allows you to use technology and analytics to track your attendees and organizations that have registered whether they attend in-person or virtually.

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Not only is PV easy to use for the host to create and manage events, but we have also made it simple for participating employers and candidates attending events. Our registration wizard easily walks all participants creating their booth or profile. Organization booths and candidate profiles are saved and always accessible for future events.


Upload your own facility image as your lobby background and customize your booth with one of our Healthcare themes. Add social media and custom links to your booth to advertise your website, culture, videos, or any other valuable information. Add all open job postings to your booth which will save and be available for future events.

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