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Virtual Hiring Must be Part of your Digital Transformation.

Digital Transformation is not a new thing.  In fact, it began for many companies long ago as they realized the importance of data.  By digitizing information, you can easily gather, sort, and create reports to analyze. From the migration of paper to digital and written forms into online forms, digital transformation continued to expand.  E-commerce has taken front

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Tech Tuesday: Top-10 Recruiting Trends in 2022!

Hiring Trends for 2022 While some recruiters have faced hiring freezes and work has slowed significantly, many are busier than ever as the economy rebounds, and unemployment hits a new record low.  We have not seen unemployment records this low since 1969.  While the data might not be 100% accurate, it reports a jobless rate

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Tech Tuesday: Virtual Hiring Events are the ‘New Norm.’

As Covid-19 and the social distancing epidemic has entered a less severe stage, hiring is increasing, but the talent pool is still lagging. A trend that has not changed is that virtual hiring events and career fairs continue to grow and establish themselves as the new norm as a hiring strategy for many organizations. According

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Where are all the workers, and can virtual hiring and remote work bring them back?

Workers are quitting their jobs in record numbers. As the economy rebounds and more jobs are available, the competition for those workers continues to increase. What is your Human Resources department doing to get and stay in front of the hiring curve? As a virtual hiring event platform, we've seen a massive difference in companies

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Virtual Hiring Is the Future: Premier Virtual Tackles ATS Discrimination With Virtual Hiring Rooms

A recent Harvard Business report revealed that ATS, which is an applicant tracking system, is responsible for blocking or disqualifying many qualified applicants.  This system, which ranks relevant keywords, skills, degrees, credentials, responsibilities and other qualities that indicate to a hiring manager or recruiter that the applicant is qualified for the position has been deemed

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Choose Hybrid for Your Hiring Efforts: Premier Virtual Explains the Benefits

The world is going hybrid. Are you ready?    Premier Virtual is, and with its future-focused technology, its team plans to lead the charge.    Talking in-person or virtual. Which one do you want to do? There’s no need to choose one when you can do both.   Why? Because the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. 

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Attract More Qualified Job Candidates with Virtual Interview Days

Many employers continue to struggle to attract and hire qualified candidates. There are many different issues at play, but one thing is certain; a bad hire can cost a company an average of 240,000! - based on a study by Link Humans that was shared by The astronomical costs are a result of many

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Why Hiring The Right Employees Is Crucial, With Virtual Hiring Platform Premier Virtual

Today’s job market is an ever-changing, evolving, and rather difficult to navigate place for both employers and job seekers. Employers struggle to find reliable, qualified candidates, and for employees, finding an employer that is going to support them the right way is also a challenge. Creating that perfect match of a perfect employer and ideal

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Showcase Your City with a ‘Live, Work, Play’ Virtual Expo!

Many cities across the U.S. are looking for ways to attract new companies, events, and residents. There is also the very real challenge posed by the Pandemic, which has many employers struggling to hire. An innovative option is now being considered that offers employers, as well as local travel and tourism boards, and real estate

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Premier Virtual Powers Record-Breaking Virtual Job Fair!

From August 16th through August 20th, the State of Massachusetts held a state-wide virtual hiring event that broke all previous records! 1,679 Employers  17,323 Attendees 46,709 Job Postings 1.3M Booth Views Our goal at Premier Virtual is to make it as efficient as possible for employers to connect with qualified job candidates, and this is

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