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Premier Virtual

Premier Virtual is a multi-functional software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform designed to facilitate hiring. PV has developed a custom-built software for licensing, designed to bring employers a wave of talented new job applicants: a virtual recruitment platform that has greater functionality and utility for both job seekers and employers. Premier Virtual's technology allows for enhanced user analytics and a more personal connection with unmatched ease of use for both applicants and employers. This powerful technology can be used in many ways, which has created the opportunity for PV to license it to other recruitment organizations, as well as non-hiring companies that seek to put on their own virtual events.

Competitive Edge

Premier Virtual’s competitive advantages include its user-friendly interface, its analytics capability, and its integration with CRMs and ATSs.

Easy to navigate user interface is user friendly, showing users all of the pertinent information like Social Media, Websites, Job Vacancies, Company Bio. It gives the users the ability for interactive chat and video interview candidates.

In-depth analytics offer insight into user behavior which has the ability to track user data by each individual applicant.

The platform offers integration to clients’ CRM and Applicant Tracking Systems, which simplifies the process of hiring employees and removes the headache of converting data into a new system.

Back end functionality of the platform allows companies the ability to text, email and send voicemails right through the platform. The backend is easy for companies to edit themselves, adding new social media profiles, adding/removing job postings, and changing logos without having to call the company for customer service support.

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