Awarded ‘Best Virtual Event Platform for 2022’

Looking at the post-pandemic world, virtual job fairs are the one thing that appears to be here to stay. Virtual job fairs give aspiring candidates an opportunity to learn more about a specific company or some particular career path from the comfort of their own home. Another advantage of these fairs is that they help candidates expand their knowledge about a profession, increase their professional network and connect directly with recruiters. 

Featured on the cover story of The Enterprise World’s Best Virtual Event Platform In 2022 is Premier Virtual, “Hiring Happens Here”.      

The Journey of Premier Virtual-

Steve Edwards, the CEO and Founder of Premier Virtual, hosted in-person job fairs for nearly nine years. But with online job boards  and an era of social media taking over, he realized that most job seekers preferred to apply online than waiting in lines. 

With this emerging trend he pivoted from in-person to virtual in 2019 and launched his own platform to host virtual hiring events. 

“Being a recruiter, I knew exactly the features required to make hiring easier, more efficient, and effective.”

Challenges and Victories- 

Steve Edwards boot-strapped the operations of Premier Virtual with his partner Gary Chambers. Software development is expensive and you are constantly making upgrades and changes.  In addition, there is new competition coming into the market every day.   Some of them are well funded and can advertise heavily.

However, Premier Virtual maintains its competitive advantage because of the advanced features and ease of use of the platform and its customer support which are superior in many ways. 

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