Waste Management’s First Virtual Career Event

Waste Management is getting set to host their first virtual career event and they’ve chosen the Premier Virtual platform to power it! This event is specifically intended to hire CDL Drivers and Diesel Mechanics across the nation. Waste Management (WM) locations from the east coast to as far west as Denver will be participating intending to fill 60 open positions. A second virtual hiring event is planned for later in the year with approximately 200 job-openings to fill in many different areas.

Lindsay Stanley, the Talent Acquisition Advisor for WM is spearheading the event and is extremely excited about the possibilities.
“Virtual hiring events are a new initiative for us, and we are optimistic about the possible outcomes. Here we have an event that can help us find qualified candidates that are in high demand, in a competitive marketplace. This gives us another tool to use and allows us to coordinate it in such a way that all of our locations can participate and benefit at the same time.”

“In many cases, we’ve partnered with local schools and universities to help get the word out, and we’ve seen a lot of positive responses already. Although we have participated in virtual hiring events, we’ve never hosted our own, so this is very exciting for us. We see it as a cost-efficient, and most importantly, user-friendly technology, which is why we chose Premier Virtual.”, said Lindsay.

Lindsay continued to explain that when she was doing her research, she put herself into her driver’s shoes, in the sense that the platform needs to be intuitive and efficient. Lindsay grew up on a farm and recognizes that not everyone is on the phone or super tech-savvy. Her goal was to ensure that their virtual career fair felt just like walking into a big hotel lobby and seeing all the booths, just as you would in an in-person event.

“That’s exactly what we’ve been able to accomplish with the Premier Virtual platform, and we love it! All the booths are set up, we have all the names and logos, our lobby looks just like Superdome! You can choose which location you want to apply at and there will be two staff members in every booth. We’ve directed our hiring team to schedule interviews right then and there and make full use of the integrated video feature for one-on-one conversations.”

I also have to commend our Account Manager, Jordan who has been a phenomenal help and walked us through a few challenges. She made it so easy to upload a logo to all booths, add all links so that everything is unified across the board.”

Our team at Premier Virtual is proud to power the WM virtual career fair and looks forward to another successful event. The two-day virtual career fair will be held this Wednesday, March 17th, and Thursday, March 18th.

If you would like more information on the Premier Virtual platform, please visit:
www.PremierVirtual.com or call 561-717-9717.