Keeping Your Holiday Traditions in 2020

Understandably, the pandemic forced many changes in our lives that we had little control over.  As I scroll through social media feeds, I see posts that reflect some of those sacrifices.  Most often people mention how they will miss seeing a family member or friend during this holiday season.  I also see many posts about holiday traditions that ‘might not happen this year’.  Granted, we all have certain traditions that will not be possible this year, but I believe it’s more important than ever to keep the ones you can or start some new ones.

Keeping traditions and making memories is very important to the Edwards family.  In our house, my wife and I are continuing a Christmas Cookie baking tradition with original recipes that have been passed down to us by our grandparents.  A benefit of virtual is that now when the grandparents can’t join us, we FaceTime them so they can still be a part of it!

The Edwards family making Christmas cookies.
The Edwards family making Christmas cookies.

We know the kids really enjoy it too (our boys just love making the mess and then devouring the cookies as soon as they’re ready).  More importantly, we know that we are planting these very special memories that they’ll never forget, and hopefully will pass them along to their children someday as well.  As adults, during very difficult years like 2020, it’s these memories that often get us through, bring a smile, and remind us of why it’s worth all the effort.

As the founder of Premier Virtual, we were fortunate that all of our hard work prepared us as the world was forced to shift to virtual and we were there to provide a quality service to meet the demand.  I look at the growth of our company, as the growth of a family and as such we are planning to implement a new tradition starting the first week of the new year.

Our company will be hosting it’s first annual retreat, and in addition to the work that needs to get done, we will take part in a golf-driving range competition and we’re planning a dinner party.  It’s a small first step but I know it will grow and it brings a sense of stability, comfort, and support to everyone that is a part of our company.  In 2020, we realize many companies have canceled their holiday parties, and events or have pivoted to virtual whenever possible.  While that is the responsible thing to do, let’s not completely abandon the traditions that remind our employees, why working at your company is more than a job.

Too often the first thing to go, or get cut out of the budget are these types of ‘items’.  What that balance sheet doesn’t reflect is that these cuts also hurt the culture of the organization and can damage the pride or positive spirit of the workplace.  As a person who has devoted his career to helping others find their careers, I’ve heard applicants mention all too often, that the reason they’re leaving is that ‘nobody cares’.  In a company that puts culture first, traditions matter, and the people that work there, know they matter too.

Holidays are a time to gather and be a part of a tradition that goes back as far as any of us can remember.  It gives us a sense of purpose and identity and that is why traditions are so important.  At home, we hope you can make the extra effort this year to keep those traditions alive while keeping safe.  At work, I encourage owners and senior-level managers to do everything possible to remind their most precious assets, their people, that culture matters and that they matter.

I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday, and a safe and prosperous New Year!

Steve Edwards, CEO – Premier Virtual