Powering virtual hiring events for CareerSource Florida

The demand for Premier Virtual’s platform has grown exponentially, resulting in virtual hiring events across a wide spectrum of industries. In June, CareerSource Florida, the Governor’s business-led workforce policy board for the state of Florida, partnered with Premier Virtual to provide the platform to power virtual hiring events with local workforce development boards statewide.

To learn more about the virtual hiring events offered by Premier Virtual, please visit https://premiervirtual.com/.

Premier Virtual hosted previous virtual hiring events with the CareerSource Palm Beach County office, which Vice-President Michael Corbit said were very successful. “Being based in South Florida, we felt it was important to work with a local provider. Premier Virtual turned out to be such an effective platform, that I was pleased to support as a potential statewide solution,” Corbit said. “With a statewide unemployment rate approaching 14 percent in April, we knew economic recovery would take a massive effort, and collaboration was going to be the key to successfully get Floridians back to work. Premier Virtual is an important partner in that process,” Corbit added.

Premier Virtual, a South Florida start-up, has quickly grown in the ranks of the virtual event platform

providers. CEO and Army Veteran Steve Edwards worked for nearly nine years in the recruitment industry, putting on many in-person events himself.

“After so many in-person events, I continued to see the effectiveness declining and knew there had to be

a better way. At the time, no one else in the industry believed virtual was the answer,” said Edwards.

Unable to find a virtual hiring platform that met Steve’s expectations as a recruiter, he set out to build Premier Virtual. In only a couple of years, Premier Virtual has become one of the leaders in the virtual hiring event platform space.

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The rise of virtual career fairs was fueled in large part by the COVID-19 pandemic, but the success

of the platform demonstrates it is here to stay. In just the past several months, Premier Virtual has:

• Licensed to clients that have hosted over 400

virtual hiring events across the U.S.

 Attracted more than 4,000 employers with a strong demand for qualified talent.

 Attracted over 75,000 registered candidates, and filling

thousands of job vacancies.

“Providing a virtual career fair platform statewide eliminates geographical barriers and expands

access for both career seekers and employers,” said CareerSource Florida Board of Directors Chairman Kevin Doyle. “The investment by our board enables all our

partners to harness this new technology to create a modern, safe way to help businesses connect with Floridians seeking new jobs while supporting economic recovery. We also are delighted to work with this veteran-led Florida business in opening doors for recruitment and hiring.”.

The Premier Virtual platform replicates in-person events and provides recruiters and candidates with an immersive experience. From customizable lobbies and booths, to live chat and video interviews, the entire look and feel ensures job candidates will enjoy all the benefits of an in-person career fair.

Recruiters find this method much more efficient and effective. Logging into their own dashboard, recruiters can quickly review resumes, initiate or respond to chats and begin

live video interviews with qualified candidates. Post-event reports make follow-up easy, resulting in more qualified new hires after each event.

Job- seekers are equally impressed, being able to logon from anywhere and participate without the requirement of travel, reducing time and expenses, and most importantly meeting

with recruiters and walking away with a new job.

Premier Virtual continues to update its software and is poised to become the number No. 1 virtual hiring event platform in its industry. ‘Our tagline is ‘the first virtual hiring event platform created by recruiters, for recruiters’, and we’re very proud of that,” said Edwards.

“To date, we’ve focused only on virtual hiring events, which makes us different than a lot of virtual event companies out there. Our goal is to make Premier Virtual the most efficient and effective tool for hiring managers to find and hire the best possible job applicant for their position.

We’re really happy with the results thus far, and being such an integral part of getting America back to work.,” Edwards added.



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