Maryland Army National Guard Chooses Premier Virtual!

COVID-19 has forced everyone to consider alternative options to in-person events, and our nation’s military is no exception. That’s why the Maryland Army National Guard will host a virtual recruitment job-fair on Saturday, July 18th from 1PM to 4PM EST.

Sergeant First Class Chris Smith recognized the need to implement a digital strategy that could connect military recruiters with the unprecedented number of job-seekers due to the disruptions form the Corona virus.

The Military Views Virtual as a Great Option to Recruit.

PV: What was the reason you decided to host a virtual recruiting event?

MANG: We’ve been part of several virtual events in the past but only as one of many participants. Quite frankly we did not have much success. We figured we should host our own event, so that attendees can focus on everything we have to offer with no distractions.

PV: Besides being able to showcase yourselves exclusively, what other advantages do you anticipate?

MANG: We love the fact that it’s safe, everyone can attend with out worry of social distancing. I’ts also a very accessible format, in that you don’t have to interact, chat or even participate in the live-video chats until you are ready to do so. An attendee can simply look around and get information as they see fit, and move forward with the process once they are comfortable.

PV: What role do you see virtual recruiting events playing in the future?

MANG: There’s no doubt Covid has accelerated this virtual process, but at the same time we believe it’s a great option and one that will play a major role in all our recruitment efforts moving forward. With so many people, unemployed or furloughed, we need to let them know all of the great benefits and stability we have to offer, and this just makes that process so much easier on everyone. We are excited about our first event, and reaching people who may have never considered this option before.


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