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Premier Virtual is a veteran-owned company, and as recruits of the U.S. Army, our CEO, VP, and two of our sales leaders were trained to exercise.

As business owners and leaders, we also understand that a healthy workforce is a productive and engaged workforce. That’s why one of the first things we did when we moved into our new office space was to convert our conference room into a full-fledged gym!

After all, as a virtual event platform, we don’t conduct too many meetings in person. We realized this meant our large conference room would have very little use to us. So, why not convert it into an endorphin-producing, heart-pumping gym that provides our team with tremendous health and wellness benefits at no cost to them!  It’s all part of our positive workforce culture and building a team that believes in and encourages each other to be better every day.

We believe in the benefits so much that our Marketing Director, John Garcia, is also a certified health coach! His UpLevel Living health coaching focuses on habit change so that you can make permanent lifestyle changes. If you’re interested, John offers an online habit change course at: He has us all motivated and working out, and it’s making a significant impact on our entire team.

So much so that we decided to do our part to motivate other business owners to start or share, their healthy office habits in a #HealthyWorkforceChallenge. Tell us what you do in your office to promote a healthy workforce, and please share some of the tools and resources your company uses so that we can spread the word.

Our goal is to raise awareness among business owners and leadership to sponsor more programs at work. After all, many of us spend more time at work than anywhere else in a day, and exercise should be incorporated into the daily routine.

We hope this can grow into its own movement and someday host virtual challenges that can be used to raise awareness and even funds to donate to like-minded charities. So please, post your fit workforce pics and use the hashtag #healthyworkforcechallenge. Here’s to your health!


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