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Our new Hiring Metric Tool is a first of its kind!  You can now track hires from your events right in our platform.  Make sure you’re taking full advantage of this amazing tool by scheduling a demo today.

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Each company can see all the jobs and candidates in one place. They can then mark hired, in progress or not hired.


This tool allows you to automate your follow up process after your events to access the status of applicants, through the hiring process.


If you are a grant funded organization that needs proof of hire to continue providing services and securing grants, this provides the information you need and automates the process.

Premier Virtual - Hiring Metric Tool Dashboard
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Use our registration page as a dual event registration page. This allows you to use technology and analytics to track your attendees and organizations that have registered.. whether they attend in-person, virtually, or even if they are not able to attend either option.

 Our easy event setup allows you to add questions to the registration process which qualifies your job-seekers. Resume and video resume features allow even further qualification so that recruiters are not wasting time with the wrong candidates. 


QR Codes, QR Codes, QR Codes! 

It’s 2022 and we are utilizing these more and more everyday. We have built in a QR Code generator for Events and every Booth. Place your Event QR Code at the entrance and Booth QR Codes at each booth. 

The moment an attendee scans your entrance QR code, they have virtually entered your event and are being tracked. As they walk around your event and scan the booth QR codes, they have virtually entered each booth. 

Now employers will see them as a booth visitor and has access to all user registration data within their Premier Virtual portal. Candidates will see every booth they visited in their “My Journey”. This allows both parties a much easier follow up ability. 

The best part… As a Host, you can see it all!

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Analytics is EVERYTHING! Not only does Premier Virtual provide live statistics during the event, but we offer extensive downloadable reports with every bit of information you want to know from your event! Your Client Success Manager will schedule a debrief for your event to run through your reports and any other questions you may have. Together you can determine the success of the event and if any improvements can be made for the future!

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