Premier Virtual has a team of virtual recruiting experts ready to help you today!


While we have developed a very robust platform with many different amazing features, the number one priority has always been to keep it simple and easy for all users that will be utilizing Premier Virtual!

Below you will find a breakdown of:
• General Features
• Our Easy Setup
• Our Chat/Video Feature
• Data Tracking/Reporting

Software Features

While we have developed a very robust platform with many amazing features, the number one priority has always been to keep it simple and easy for all users that will be utilizing Premier Virtual! 

We have so many exciting features we have broken them down into sections below. Click on the topic to view the features within that category.

Mobile Friendly – Full functionality on tablets and phones.​
No Blackout Dates – No wait time between events. You choose the dates you want to host your events. ​
Top-Rated ‘Ease of Use’ – As rated by our clients on top review software sites like G2, Capterra and Select Software Reviews.​
Top–Rated Customer Support – Each new client is assigned a dedicated Client Success Manager.  We pride ourselves in delivering world-class customer service.​
Reduced Time to Hire – With the ability to review multiple job seekers along with their experience, resumes, and video interview all within one event, fast-tracks your candidates through the hiring process and minimizes fall off.
Reduced Cost – With no venue, equipment, or traveling costs, virtual hiring events do not occur the costs associated with in-person events.
Expand Your Bench – Virtual hiring events not only find better candidates but offer you more options if a hire does not work out.
Improve Overall Efficiency – With little to no travel, recruiters can maximize the use of their time and improve your ROI.
Designed for Hiring Events – Unlike many other platforms, our platform was designed specifically for hosting virtual hiring events.
Marketing & Advertising Support – We offer best practices, press releases and a suite of marketing tactics to help drive attendance to your events.
Focused on Innovation – Continually improving and adding new features based on client’s feedback.

Super Easy Set-Up – Your virtual event can be set up in minutes.
No minimum wait time – You can host an event tomorrow! We don’t set any wait time from the time you schedule your event and no minimum time between events either.
Numerous Booth Design Options – Choose your booth design from many different options (trade show booths, lobbies, offices, restaurants, military, construction, and many more!)
Customizable Booths – Customize each Organization’s booth with a logo, biography, job postings, job details, website, videos and social media links!
Customizable Lobby Backgrounds – Choose your own lobby background to look and feel like your own event.
Event Categories – Utilize our category feature to seamlessly direct attendees or job seekers to the right place (industry, job type, location, college major, etc.)
Customize Booth Placement in your Lobby – Easily move companies or booths position within the lobby (great for monetization or to stimulate additional traffic)
Brand Your Own Event – Multiple Banner locations within the event and registration pages to promote sponsors or additional information .
Easy User Registration Process – Organization and attendee set-up wizards walk your users through the process step-by-step for seamless registration.

Eventwide Chat – Once a chat is initiated, jobseekers can continue the chat from anywhere within the event. This avoids being stuck waiting in a queue or having to return to a virtual booth to continue a conversation.
Chat Logs – Candidates and Organizations have access to all chats logs during and after events.
Interactive Hiring Room – Our Employer “Interactive Hiring Room” allows you to text chat and use our internal video chat to invite candidates to a live “real time” interview.
Group Video – Allows to meet with multiple users or schedule a presentation or webinar for a group to attend.

Pre-Recorded Video Interviews – Choose from a bank of pre-recorded interview questions or record your own directly through the platform to create your own unique set of interview questions for candidates to answer.

Scheduler Feature – Utilize our optional Scheduler/Calendar feature to set up scheduled interviews.

We track it all!
Access live data from your event dashboard as the event is taking place or utilize our extensive downloadable reports.

Event Statistics – Every statistic you could ever want from your event including each organization/exhibitor event data.
Contact Information – Registered Organizations and Attendees/Jobseekers with all contact information.
Daily Registration – We track your registration daily which allows you to determine when marketing efforts are successful.
Participation – Total users that have logged into the event and those not logged in. This allows you to reach out to those that haven’t logged in to remind them to visit the event.
Active Users – How many users are currently active within event.
Chats – Total conversations and messages between Organizations and Attendees within you event.
Resumés – Submitted Resumes/Applications.
Candidate Status – We allow Organizations to update the status of the candidate (Hired, Interested, Interview scheduled) and we track it for you!
Job Postings – All jobs posted within your event and which are the most popular.
Candidate Activity – Activity within each booth including if they applied, chatted, or viewed custom links, website, social media, etc.