6 Ways to Make your Virtual Hiring Event Stand Out

If your virtual hiring event is nothing more interesting than the company’s CEO lecturing the audience about how great your company is to work for, you’re not going to attract many sign-ups.  If you want to hold an engaging virtual recruiting event that is engaging and enjoyable, here are 6 features that will help yours stand out:

  • AMA sessions – with an Ask Me Anything session, you’ll be able to answer questions from attendees.  For instance, they may want to know about benefits, their specific role in the company, or the workplace environment.  By encouraging attendees to do this, you’ll build trust and demonstrate your commitment to honesty and transparency.
  • Job applications – if your goal is to recruit employees for certain positions within your company, why not provide them with the opportunity to apply during the event.  You could take this a step further by conducting one-on-one chats with management and other hiring personnel in a separate room. That will ensure better participation.
  • Live chats – your attendees will feel more like engaging with you and your associates if they can ask questions and share their comments in real-time.  It will also help the more nervous interviewees relax and feel more comfortable during their attendance.  This is especially important if you’re holding a panel discussion or training workshop.
  • Virtual morning coffee and happy hours – if there’s one thing we enjoy, it’s a freebie.  But unfortunately, virtual hiring events don’t enable you to hand out company-branded items to anyone that passes by your booth.  Why not consider handing out a gift card for a cup of coffee and a pastry to each attendee.
  • Virtual office tours – one of the more outstanding features you can include in your virtual hiring event is a virtual office tour.  By providing prospective employees with an exclusive tour of your offices and workplace, you’ll be adding a more personal touch to your event.  You could show them the best cafes or restaurants in the area or a meeting room where they can socialize with other employees.
  • Virtual stands – with this option, you can easily customize a virtual stand that features engaging video content, leverages eye-catching images, and shares links to relevant content for communication purposes.

You’ll need a good social media campaign and a virtual event page on your company website to encourage individuals to attend your career hiring fairs.  Call Premier Virtual at (561) 717-9717 today so you can learn more about our hybrid and virtual event solutions.