Virtual Recruitment Suite: Your All-In-One Hiring Solution

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The world of job fairs and career fairs continues to evolve. As most things that could be improved with technology, job fairs are now held online or have an online component to allow job seekers to log on from wherever they are. This has increased efficiency and effectiveness, and platform like Premier Virtual, make it very easy to use.

Now Premier Virtual is taking it one step further with the Virtual Recruitment Suite, or VRS, your all-in-one hiring solution. Employers no longer have to wait to host a hiring event to use this powerful platform. The VRS makes it possible for job seekers to engage with the employer 24/7, and recruiters have the flexibility and tools to respond accordingly.

The components and features of a virtual recruitment suite can vary depending on the specific platform or service provider, but typically, it includes:

  1. Job Posting and Applicant Tracking: Employers can create and post job openings on the platform, and candidates can submit their applications online. The suite then tracks and manages applicant data throughout the hiring process.
  2. Video Interviews: Virtual recruitment suites often offer video interviewing capabilities, allowing employers to conduct initial interviews with candidates remotely. This feature saves time and resources compared to conducting in-person interviews.
  3. Virtual Career Fairs: Virtual recruitment suites may host virtual career fairs, bringing employers and candidates together in an online event, where they can interact, exchange information, and discuss potential opportunities.
  4. Hybrid Events allow you to add virtual to in-person hiring events.
  5. Candidate Screening: The suite might provide automated candidate screening tools that use AI to match candidate profiles with job requirements, helping employers identify top candidates more efficiently.
  6. Collaboration and Feedback: Virtual recruitment suites often offer collaboration features, allowing hiring teams to share feedback, communicate internally, and collaborate on candidate evaluations.
  7. Candidate Engagement: The platform may include features for candidate engagement and communication, keeping applicants informed about their application status and the progress of the hiring process.
  8. Analytics and Reporting: Virtual recruitment suites often provide data analytics and reporting tools, helping employers track and assess the effectiveness of their recruitment strategies.
  9. Interview Scheduler – job candidates can visit your VRS and schedule a pre-approved time with your recruiter

Advantages Beyond a Hiring Event

The advantages of using a virtual recruitment suite include increased accessibility, faster hiring processes, reduced travel expenses for both employers and candidates and the ability to cast a wider net in searching for talent beyond geographical boundaries.

All employers can benefit from this, but especially those that have offices all over the country, and hire independent agents and sales reps. Now each office or recruiter can access their VRS and meet candidates based on their availability.

If you have a virtual event platform, or if you want to learn more about how to integrate a Virtual Hiring Suite into your staffing team, contact us today for a free demo and 30-day free trial.


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