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Why Hiring The Right Employees Is Crucial, With Virtual Hiring Platform Premier Virtual

Today’s job market is an ever-changing, evolving, and rather difficult to navigate place for both employers and job seekers. Employers struggle to find reliable, qualified candidates, and for employees, finding an employer that is going to support them the right way is also a challenge. Creating that perfect match of a perfect employer and ideal

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Showcase Your City with a ‘Live, Work, Play’ Virtual Expo!

Many cities across the U.S. are looking for ways to attract new companies, events, and residents. There is also the very real challenge posed by the Pandemic, which has many employers struggling to hire. An innovative option is now being considered that offers employers, as well as local travel and tourism boards, and real estate

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Premier Virtual Powers Record-Breaking Virtual Job Fair!

From August 16th through August 20th, the State of Massachusetts held a state-wide virtual hiring event that broke all previous records! 1,679 Employers  17,323 Attendees 46,709 Job Postings 1.3M Booth Views Our goal at Premier Virtual is to make it as efficient as possible for employers to connect with qualified job candidates, and this is

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The Future of Hiring is Here Now!

Why Virtual Career Fairs Are The Future For Job Seekers And Employers Alike, From Premier Virtual Most employers these days expect potential employees to connect online, and the virtual career or job fair has become a highly utilized tool in the global business world. Prior to COVID-19, some companies held virtual or hybrid career fairs,

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Virtual Career Fairs: The New Hiring Standard

The Entrepreneur MBA Podcast PRESS RELEASE August 10th, 2021 Virtual Career Fairs: The New Hiring Standard, Featuring Steve Edwards on The Entrepreneur MBA Podcast Listen to the Podcast or read the summary by clicking here: Virtual Career Fairs: The New Hiring Standard In today’s Entrepreneur MBA podcast guest, Steve Edwards, the founder, and CEO of

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Benefits of Virtual Career Days

Virtual career days and online job fairs have emerged as the most efficient and effective ways for employers to recruit. Mainly because job seekers who attend do not only learn more about your company, but they also have an opportunity to meet your hiring managers and interact during the event. Scheduling a weekly Virtual Career

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Creating a Killer Corporate Culture and a Growth Mindset

Here is the transcript of the Tech Tuesday podcast from August 10th.  Lots of great value bombs from our host, Steve Edwards, and our panelists: (Please note: this was transcribed from the audio which is why you will find inconsistencies in grammar and punctuation). Joy McAdams - Entrepreneur • Ironman • Online Influencer - Click

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How the Pandemic Affected Job Hiring

This article was originally published by Sarah Marie for NY Weekly - click here to access. When COVID–19 forced companies to transition to online and work from home setups the world turned to digital platforms and tools to stay connected. With many jobs lost and industries changing and adapting to what the new demands and

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In-Person Career Fairs Vs Virtual Career Fairs – With Premier Virtual

Over the last year and a half, the virtual job fair has seen amazing growth as people worldwide embrace the concept of increased online communication. Premier Virtual is the number one virtual career fair platform in the workforce development industry and has powered thousands of in-person career fair events over the past 18 months. They

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How Virtual Career Fairs Have Changed The Staffing Industry

It is sage and common advice for job seekers, new graduates, professionals, and the like to be encouraged to go to a job or career fair. Attending these kinds of events connects employers with a large number of prospective employees, and vice versa. Job seekers can interact with peers, and connect with potential employers, companies

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