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5 Steps To Kickstart Your Virtual Career Fairs!

1)         Choose The Platform - First and foremost, you have to choose a platform to host your virtual career fair.  Deciding which platform to use can often be the most challenging part of the process since there are many options and varying levels of features and sophistication.  To determine which option is best for you, make

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The Lessons We’ve Learned from Virtual Career Fairs in 2020, and the Plan Moving Forward

After powering nearly 2,000 virtual career fairs, we've learned a lot of valuable lessons, and we're ready to share them with you. In this webinar, Premier Virtual CEO, Steve Edwards will be joined by a group of existing customers, that have hosted their own virtual hiring events. The purpose of this webinar is to

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Demand is High for Schools to Offer Virtual and Hybrid Career Fairs for Fall Internships.

A recent article from NACE – The National of Colleges and Employers showed the undeniable need for virtual career fairs as it relates to fall internships. Not only is the demand remarkably high, but so is the preference. According to the NACE poll, 46% of recruiters prefer to attend a career fair virtually. Many other

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7 Reasons to Add Virtual Career Fairs to Your Company’s Hiring Strategy

Nearly 7 in 10 Employers Expect to do More Virtual/Remote Hiring in the Future. It's clear that Covid was the catalyst that shifted how employers see hiring. The forced move to widespread remote work made virtual hiring events the clear winner, and truthfully everyone was better off for it. The results have been so promising,

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Virtual Career Fairs: The 5 Most Common Questions Answered!

According to NACE – the National Association of Colleges and Employers, more than 90% of employers have attended a virtual career fair this fall. As you can imagine, that is a steep increase from previous years, and as we all know, COVID was the catalyst. Regardless of how we got here, there is no going

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Can I use Video Conferencing Software to Power My Virtual Career Fair?

You won't have trouble finding great video conferencing programs on the market. Let's face it, without programs like Zoom, this entire pandemic would have been a much more difficult landscape to navigate.  However, when it comes to virtual events, there are advantages to using a dedicated event platform like Premier Virtual. Ultimately, whether or not

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Is Your Workforce on Board?

Premier Virtual is the #1 virtual event platform in the workforce development industry. Virtual Career Fairs have emerged as one of the best ways to hire over the past year and they're here to stay. Our virtual career fair platform is the best way for your workforce board to drive qualified candidates into your employers'

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Premier Virtual Set to Launch Version 2.0!

Announcing the release of Version 2.0! Based on our client's wants and needs, Premier Virtual is proud to announce the first major upgrade of its platform...Version 2.0.   The platform remains easy-to-use while adding significant new features that make it the most innovative virtual hiring event platform on the market.  As one of our beta-testers

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In-Person, Virtual, or Hybrid Career Fairs – Which Approach is Best?

In-Person, Virtual, or Hybrid Career Fairs – Which Approach is Best? When planning a career fair, the common goal is to connect employers with qualified job candidates. A secondary goal is for jobseekers to learn more about companies they may have not considered working for previously. Traditionally, live or in-person career fairs were the best

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