Masshire Healthcare Use Case

Masshire Healthcare Industry Virtual Job Fair One of the most difficult industries to fill openings for is the healthcare industry. Many providers are struggling to find experienced workers, as most of the industry is unable to keep up with demand and labor force shortages. That’s why Masshire turned to Premier Virtual to host a healthcare industry specific event, a growing trend among workforce boards to host industry specific events. 18 healthcare employers in the Boston area listed over 1,600 job openings that have proven very difficult to fill. They decided to participate in Masshires’ virtual healthcare industry specific hiring event that yielded very positive returns. INDUSTRY SPECIFIC A GROWING TREND IN WORKFORCE SOLUTIONS Workforce boards host hiring events that include all kinds of employers. These events attract potential job candidates that are looking for employment or new career opportunities. Certain sectors of the labor force remain much more difficult to find and hire talent, such as healthcare. That’s why Masshire hosted a healthcare industry specific event, attracting experienced healthcare professionals. Below is a picture of the lobby with some of the participating employers.
INCREASE ATTENTION BY FOCUSING ON ONE INDUSTRY Delivering resumes for some of the most difficult jobs to fill Healthcare employers recognize the challenge of attracting and hiring talent in this industry, which is why a virtual job fair dedicated to healthcare was so appealing. The feedback from employers was extremely positive and Masshire is scheduling more healthcare specific hiring events for 2023. Below is a picture of the lobby for Boston Children’s Hospital.
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