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As a company that hosted in-person recruiting events for 10 years then built a software to simulate those events online, we like to call ourselves experts on combining both into a hybrid event. Our Hybrid QR codes can be displayed at event entrance and each booth at your in-person events. This will allow your live events to be tracked just like your virtual events!


Virtual and Hybrid events can be a great resource for your local businesses to attract and connect with talent that they may not have access to on their own. We have designed Premier Virtual to look and feel as close to a live event as possible. Customize your event with your own lobby background like your city landscape, skyline or even your own facility. Use event categories like location, industry, or job type to direct your candidates to the right place.


We understand Chamber budgets can provide challenges and have reduced pricing to accommodate financial constraints. Not only that, we have added multiple branding opportunities within your event. From your registration page to your event banner (which is displayed on every page within the event), you have the ability to sell sponsorships to contribute to event funding. 

We also give you the ability to reorder booths within the lobby. Booth placement can be powerful and allows you to upsell your participating organizations. With our reduced pricing, the ability to sell sponsorships and upsell booths, fitting a virtual event into a Chamber budget is not only manageable.. But most likely profitable!


We’ve heard from many of our clients and their struggles to drive qualified candidates to their events and job listings. That’s why we have created our own in-house recruitment marketing agency. Now you can schedule a complimentary marketing strategy call with our Marketing Director to take a deep dive into your goals and challenges. From there, we will work with our marketing partners to develop a custom campaign to drive more candidates to your event.


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