As part of our Tech Tuesday webinar series, we hosted a marketing workshop on Tuesday, June 15th. Our panel was comprised of a group of professional marketers and consultants that we work with to market Premier Virtual. Based on all of the requests from our clients, we thought it would be best to hear the marketing recommendations and tactics directly from the professionals that we work with to be successful. The webinar video replay link as at the bottom of this page.

Following is a summary of the information we covered:

Free Resources and Tips

  • – email your event info to to be listed
  • Create an event page on Facebook, Linked-In, and Eventbrite
  • Create and distribute your own local press release, and invite the press to attend as an employer
  • Post the event flyer on social media and tag all of your employers, ask them to share as well.
  • Use hashtags with all of the job openings available at your career fair

Job Fair Board:

Geo-Fencing / DigDev Direct

Device ID Targeting and Custom Polygons

Hand-drawn shapes around actual property locations to eliminate extraneous areas such as sidewalks or streets.

  • Accurate within 3 feet
  • Serve ads to visitors when they enter polygons or after they have been in the polygon
  • Go back in time and tag devices to target.
  • Retarget ads to people who have been to relevant locations
  • Measure in-store foot traffic

Standard Geofencing

Circles Drawn around a location

  • Accurate within 35 meters
  • Serve ads to visitors when they enter the circle
  • Can not go back in time to tag devices
  • Only target devices are seen in a geofenced area
  • No personas can be overlaid. Must target all devices in a geofenced area

Email Marketing / DigDev Direct

  • 280 permission-based consumer email addresses
  • Email should be a standalone HTML, that will immediately engage the eye and capture the recipient’s attention
  • Add a viral component to your efforts: the recipient of your email message can forward and share with like-interested friends, family, neighbors and co-workers
  • Social is a must – make sure you include icons and links for all of your popular social marketing platforms.

DigDirect Offers:

  • $600 – 50,00 Geo-Fencing Impressions
  • $1,200 – 50,000 hyper-targeted emails and 50,000 geo-fenced impressions

Text Messaging – Engage by Cell

  • Two-Way Text Messaging
  • 98% open rate vs Email 16%
  • Use text to drive registrants to attend the event
  • Use text ‘keyword’ to number to opt-in and increase your database
  • Add text call to action to your event/flyer information
  • Upload contact info to the dashboard through an excel file

For a demo text DEMO WORKFORCE to 56512

Engage by Cell Offers: No set-up fee for a new client that signs up by August 31st, 2021

Google AdWords / Think Big Websites

  • You determine your own budget
  • Cost per Click from as low as $1.03 to as high as $13.58
  • Find the right spot not to overpay using keyword bid tools
  • 350-400 clicks on a $500 budget for active job fair seekers
  • Set keyword strategy based on the job openings you have.
  • Geo-Modify by zip code or a specific radius

Social Media Advertising

  • Facebook ads using geo-location
  • Modify with keywords
  • Target audience
  • Set up Facebook and Linked-In Event page

Think Big Offers:

  • $500 Google AdWords – 350-400 clicks of highly intent-driven search traffic
  • $500 Facebook Advertising- 270-800 clicks of relevant search traffic based on recent interests

Press Releases / OMM Media

  • Use a 3-Second Grab Attention technique
  • Add a ‘hook’ that quickly explains your event
  • Focus on quick points of interest
  • Include what is trending in your industry, types or names of employers and job openings
  • Include the basics, Who, What, Where, When, and contact information

OMM Offers: 30-minute one-on-one consultation for $199 a $499 value

Career Coaching / The Career Engineer

  • Don’t get anxious, get prepared
  • Looking for recruiting tips and tricks
  • Retention tips and tricks – keeping and coping with a job
  • The Career Cafe – Networking Lounge
  • Resume Tips and Linked-In reviews
  • Motivational tips and quotes
  • Recareering your career strategy

TCE Offers: 25%off a Career Engineer Virtual Workshop


Please email if you want additional information on any of these marketing tactics. We are planning to host future workshops for each individual tactic listed on this page. Join the Tech Tuesday newsletter to stay up to date by visiting and subscribing.